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Ladies and Gentlemen:

Reminding me of an old story you have probably heard before but narrated to make a point………

It’s Friday night and a parish priest is sitting in his confessional booth ready for the onslaught of sinners. In the middle of the procession he hears what is obviously an elderly man.
“Father I have sinned. I have slept three times with a 23 years old woman.”
The priest listening carefully says "Sir if I may interrupt you sound like an elderly Jewish man. "Why are you telling me this”?

“I’m telling everyone”

I too am telling everyone – My farewell nostalgia tour starts and stops on October 9th at Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall, yes that Carnegie Hall. This is the official 50th Year Anniversary and 50th Reunion of the once world famous Your Father’s Mustache banjo bands.

Yes we were big, not as big as the Beatles, not as big as the Monkees, or the Rolling Stones but the same age whatever that means. After five appearances on Ed Sullivan, numerous appearances on Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas (who was that again?), Macy’s Day parades, The World’s Fair and so on we retired in 1975, victims of rock and roll, drugs, and a younger generation who preferred “I Ain’t Got No Satisfaction” to “Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue”. Our 15 minutes of fame. We all went away but the memories lingered

So on the 9th of October at 7:30 approximately 75 musicians from all over the world are convening for the last time at this storied concert hall, in a mad insane attempt to recreate some of the glory of the Mustache years. Banjos galore (not one of our dancers), washboards, trombones, tubas – all the now outlawed musical instruments - and red hot mamas, (always in favor), will assemble for 2 hours of improbably out of date nonsense.

After this retirement. No not retirement from life, but retirement from Your Father’s Mustache. A distinguished setting for the final concert of this generational aberration.

Again October 9th, 7:30. Info Google Your Father’s Mustache, click on reunion, click gain on non-alumni registration. If still confused check on the Frequently Asked Questions and if still confused call the hot line, 212-228-6185.  (I suppose you could cut through all this and ask me.)

We have 600 seats available and have already sold 300 to Mustache alumni including me. To those of you who are really clever this means we have a paltry 300 additional seats. There are 1200 people on my address list, who are clamoring for tickets. Common let’s all clamor…Louder!!! Thanks a good clamor. For the best seats indicate that you are FOJ. (friend of Joel)

So get cracking. And now, in the spirit of the hoary joke, I’ve got to get practicing.

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